Promote your business and elevate your brand with professional business photography.

If people could see what you do in the same light that you see it, with the same passion and commitment you bring to your work and your business, they will want to become your customers. The right business photography can show them what you mean. The right photograph can make all the difference in the world.

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Situational photography for OK Tire Etobicoke showcasing their commercial services.

Your customers want to know who you are. Let’s find out so that we can show them. Understanding you and your business will inform everything we do, from a single product shot to a feature exposé. We’ll get you everything you need, and we’ll get it right. On time and on budget.

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Event and personal profile photography for David Graham of Edge 3 Coaching.

The way a photograph frames a product or portrays our brand speaks volumes. The photography we use to present our business is our most powerful communication tool, and as business owners, we should consider the photography we use as our primary marketing message.

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Photograph of Alderlea House event space for Feast Your Eyes caterers

If an event is worth having, its worth documenting and sharing. COSTI Immigrant Services organized this event for their Annual General Meeting and invited Mike Day to support their efforts by documenting the event in photographs.

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Photo of John McCallum from the COSTI Immigrant Services annual general meeting

Your customers want to know who you are. Great photography can show them, even before they meet you.

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Dr. Ken Rozansky from Yonge Eglinton Dental, having coffee in his favourite place.

With a chef like Robert Mills, Mike Day’s photo shoot of the event was the easiest and most delicious photo shoot of the year.


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Food photography for Chef Robert Mills used for Taste of the Beach fundraising event.